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JNX Sports Supplement Sole Distributor in Pakistan – Cobra Labs

JNX Sports is a hardcore brand providing a very tight product range with incredible attention to detail, extensive quality testing, and a guarantee of quality. If you demand supplements with a solid reputation for exceptional performance, step up to JNX Sports.

JNX Sports® exploded into the high-performance supplement market with the inception of the now world-famous pre-workout; The Curse!

The Curse! is widely regarded as one of the best pre-workout supplements on the planet. An immediately recognizable brand with a worldwide cult following, The Curse! has an enviable collection of award nominations, a huge range of industry-leading flavors, and a long-running reputation for outstanding quality. The Curse! is a global trademark and available from a distribution network that spans every continent.

The Ripper! fat burner launched in 2014 and quickly established a place as a major player in the high-energy supplement niche. With the perfect amount of caffeine per serve and delicious flavors, The Ripper! hit a home run and has dominated sales in the powdered fat burner market ever since. By raising the industry standard for powerful thermogenic, The Ripper! Has rave reviews and powered JNX Sports® for significant expansion.

Our customers demanded more and we delivered! After more than a year in research and development, The Shadow! pre-workout rolled out of production in 2019. This is a fully powered formula designed specifically for the hardcore athlete who demands only the best. With Leucine and a staggering 350MG of Caffeine, The Shadow! is a supplement that kicks like a bull and hits like a bolt of lightning. Cast a big Shadow!

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